Thieving Bastards

One of the more frustrating days I’ve had in a long time occurred on a very hot day in May of this year.  I locked myself out of my home.  Yes, I am an idiot, and I paid a high price for this mistake.

Being outside without a hat and suitable refuge from the sun, I severely (and literally) burned layers of skin off the top of my skull.  My skin up there is still pealing off to this day.  My reason for going out was to get something I forgot in the car, so I didn’t bother to grab my hat.

I googled for a locksmith near by and the first one that popped up claimed to have a presence in town so I called them up.  The first error on my part.  It was lie #1, they were located 3 towns away, and promised a “tech” would be there within 30 to 45 minutes.  This was lie #2, as it took 2 and a half hours.

When the “tech” did arrive, he ran up to the door and started to force feed two heavy duty balloons between the door and the door jamb, above and below the locks, and then blew them up with a hand pump until the door popped open.  This process took no more than a minute.

I was then presented with an invoice demanding a credit card and a fee of $196.00.  I automatically spurted out “You got to be fucking kidding me!” to which he sternly replied “that’s the fee”.

So I paid him.  He was about 2 feet taller than me, they wouldn’t have found my body for months.  I always need these type of lessons in life to remind me that there is an overstock of thieves and miscreants out there ready to take you for everything they can get.

Least I forget, after he had driven off I took a look at the space between the door and the door jamb and was alarmed to see that his air bags had pushed the door jamb further away from the door.  This made the locks much less prepared to survive a “kick in”.

What are you up to, old man?


My neglect of this site is due to needing time to resolve life issues.  I had some health problems recently that have been addressed and I am feeling much better than I did a few months ago. 

I’m selling my 3 stair flights condo with the help of a realtor, and need to find a new place to live somewhere in the late March to mid April timeframe.  I’d prefer to stay in the relatively quiet town I live in now, or a neighboring town much like it.  The new home will be an apartment rental, and a very small one. I want one floor without needing stairs to get in and out.  It needs only a living room, bedroom, and a bathroom with a tub and shower. The kitchen can be in a corner, up against the wall (I don’t cook that often).  If this apartment is in a multi-floor building and not on the first floor, there needs to be an elevator.  

So that’s the plan so far.  I can count on there being bumps in the road to reach the objective, but I’ll get through it. 

And I’ll get back to sincerely enjoying retirement.  And seeing all my friends again.  😑 

Daydreams of Utopia


Lately, the reason for my long time between posts is my fear of returning to old habits.  Repeat of my old ways of rant and rage, often comical in its presentation, and lacking in civility and all the facts.  But, here I go, forgive my blatant naivety…

I believe the human race is in its final stages of existence.  I doubt it will survive the century. The benefit here might be giving the planet and other species time to recover from the abuses of those placing governing power over the masses and greed above all else.

If any humans do survive, it needs to be those who live the good life.  Those who care about people and the Earth.  Those having no racial bias, greed, religion, or any of the other abusive and hateful activities to make themselves feel whole.  Those who do not need to own land, make laws, or set up borders.  Those who will use science and discipline to address and heal themselves, others, and the earth, from the abuses of their predecessors. 

Dream on, old man, dream on.  Way too many Star Trek’s and Twilight Zone’s for you. The reality is the scenario I dream of has no way of preventing some (or all?) of the the abusive and antagonistic players from surviving as well.  

It will all just start over again.