Short Stuff: 06/06/20

Cache dump of off the cuff brief thoughts, ideas, recommendations, and observations from Grumpy.

2020-06-06:  This week on the world wide web was insane.  The ‘human’ race, as a species, is in some serious f’ing trouble.  For me, it was like watching a B grade movie of drunken, drugged up apes delivering carnage upon each other with glee.  

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Random Images: 06/05/20

These pics were collected from various websites or from my libraries.  The gallery will be updated every few days, usually on Tuesdays and Fridays.  New entries will appear as the first item in the gallery, pushing the one at the last position off the post.

Come on Boss, Wake up!

I like cats AND dogs but will admit that my fondness for dogs arrived much later in life.  During my youth I made no less than 3 visits to the hospital emergency room to get a shot after getting bit in the ass while trying to run away from a dog.

I came across the above photo on Imgur a little over a month ago and at first glance burst into laughter.  This scraggly young kitten with oversized whiskers it may never grow into, in it’s owner’s face demanding to know, “What are we doing today, Boss?”.  

I have a collection of about 80 cell phone wallpapers and I usually rotated through them on a loose 2 or 3 day schedule.  I installed this cat as a wallpaper about 2 weeks ago or more, and rotation has stopped.  No lie, every time my screen lights up to this image it puts a smile on my face or a chuckle escapes.  And it lightens the Quarantine Blues.