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Random Images: 08/10/20

These pics were collected from various websites or from my libraries.  The gallery will be updated every few days, usually on Tuesdays and Fridays.  New entries will appear as the first item in the gallery, pushing the one at the last position off the post.

Short Stuff v2.0

Cache dump of ideas, recommendations, humor, observations, and whatever. POSTED: 08/10/20:I just fully recovered from a power outage due to a hurricane visit, and, a subsequent cable service outage which meant no internet access.  The electricity disappeared on August 4th, at about 2:00pm, and was… Continue Reading “Short Stuff v2.0”

Come on Boss, Wake up!

I like cats AND dogs but will admit that my fondness for dogs arrived much later in life.  During my youth I made no less than 3 visits to the hospital emergency room to get a shot after getting bit in the ass while trying… Continue Reading “Come on Boss, Wake up!”