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Thieving Bastards

One of the more frustrating days I’ve had in a long time occurred on a very hot day in May of this year.  I locked myself out of my home.  Yes, I am an idiot, and I paid a high price for this mistake. Being outside… Continue Reading “Thieving Bastards”

What are you up to, old man?

My neglect of this site is due to needing time to resolve life issues.  I had some health problems recently that have been addressed and I am feeling much better than I did a few months ago.  I’m selling my 3 stair flights condo… Continue Reading “What are you up to, old man?”

Daydreams of Utopia

Lately, the reason for my long time between posts is my fear of returning to old habits.  Repeat of my old ways of rant and rage, often comical in its presentation, and lacking in civility and all the facts.  But, here I go, forgive… Continue Reading “Daydreams of Utopia”