Unknown Caller Rage

I’m retired and have a lot of time on my hands.

I’m going collect as many phone numbers as I can, legally or not. I will then call these phone numbers every day and evening, often multiple times, using an unlisted phone number. I will change this unlisted number often. I will ignore the Do Not Call lists.

If you answer I will try to sell you insurance, a newspaper subscription, or play a recording that will tell you that you are in trouble with the government and you need my help to get out of it. I will keep calling, whether you answer or not.

If I get voice mail, I will leave you as long a tiring message as I can, every time. After a month or two, my voice mail will offer to stop calling if you wire a monthly fee to an account I provide.

How long would you put up with this? Would you call the police? Would you try to have me fined, or arrested?

You would probably succeed. And deservedly so. So why can’t we citizens, harassed daily by unknown callers, call the police and get them arrested?

Adding insult to injury, the Telcos make money providing these miscreants the bandwidth they use, and then have the audacity to offer us a priced, monthly service to stop only some of the calls.

Think about that for a while.

National Knife Control

The following paragraph is a composite of a tweet and an item in the Occasional Blips post on this blog. I made these after news surfaced of another school violent event in which 22 students were stabbed by a troubled individual. This post attempts to better explain my intent for the statement:

A troubled teen goes on a stabbing spree within a school, injuring 22 innocent people. Ok, so when do the cries for National Knife Control begin?  Shall I turn in my steak knives now?  Will restaurants soon be required to serve their steaks already cut into mouth size chunks?  Will the bedding in our homes be periodically searched by the police for shivs? If “No” to any of the above, why not?  Come on – let’s get those knees a’ jerkin’.

The post and tweet were primarily aimed with contempt at our photo op addicted, do-nothing government representatives who believe their transparent public whines, crocodile tears, and promises actually result in anything good for any of us.

I am a legally registered gun owner in favor of gun control – most of what is in place or proposed. There should be more background checking before gun purchases are completed. Full automatic weapons capable of handling greater than 15 rounds need more control as to who can own them. I personally don’t see the need for anyone to own them – if you’re that scared of our government then move somewhere else and take them with you. Gun control laws need to be enforced much more vigorously. Penalties for illegal gun sales and illegal ownership need to be much more drastic. Certain scenarios should make a registered gun owner responsible for any mayhem created by their weapon falling into the wrong hands (not stored securely, granting access to a 3rd party, as examples).

That said, we should all have learned by now that you cannot legislate morality or sanity. Have you ignored the failed attempts with prostitution, pornography, or recreational drug use? It’s cliche to say “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people“, but unfortunately, it’s true. The reported stabbing shows that. Ban personal ownership of guns and people will make their own or use knives, clubs, hammers, tire irons, whatever they feel will work if passion or mental instability raise their desire to kill other people.

Too strict gun laws will leave the law abiding at the mercy of those who ignore those laws.

Bring Back Ol’ Sparky

The State of Connecticut actually did it.  Carried out a death sentence.  I confess being shocked to see on the morning news that it had happened.  I fully expected some last minute reprieve to have popped up, to postpone it yet again.

I refuse to mention the piece of crap’s name – he got all too much air time in his final weeks, like we all gave a rat’s ass what he had to say.  And of course, it was a field day for all who believed the state wrong to carry out the sentence, delivered by our justice system and a jury of his peers.  (Well, maybe not his “peers”, I’m fairly certain most of the twelve jurists were not murdering rapists).

To the opponents of the death sentence:  If you show up at your local dog pound on the days they are putting rabid or unwanted stray animals to sleep, more power to you.  I respect your right to hold ALL life that dear.  However, if you only come out for state executions, then shame on you.

Please don’t preach forgiveness.  We don’t forgive rabid dogs.  We kill them.

A human life is worth far more than that of a dog, you say?  I agree.  But for certain crimes committed against us, our children, or the people who put their lives out there every day attempting to keep us safe, the perpetrators lose the right to claim membership in the human race.  Human rights are forfeit, like the rabid dog or raccoon, we just put them down.

This is different than revenge.  If a state execution were meant to be revenge, the condemned would meet their maker by the same method they sent their victim, or worse.  Or maybe we need to bring back ol’ sparky, or one of his European predecessors (guillotine, drawn and quartered).  That would be revenge.

A deterrent?  Well, for the one being executed, yeah.  In the words of Don Imus, “HE won’t do that again”.

So stop whining.  Start picketing your nights away in front of the city dog pound.  Get our legislators to pass laws and allocate funds (and up our taxes) to keep all sick, mean, and nasty animals housed and alive as long as possible.  Then picket state executions.  Otherwise, shut the hell up.

(Originally published, the MadDog Rag, May 14, 2005.  Still works for me.)