National Knife Control

The following paragraph is a composite of a tweet and an item in the Occasional Blips post on this blog. I made these after news surfaced of another school violent event in which 22 students were stabbed by a troubled… Read More ›

Zimmerman Should Be In Jail

The emotionally and racially charged drama of the entire Martin / Zimmerman nightmare ended poorly indeed.  I am part of the outraged crowd that could not believe the verdict. I haven’t read the official court transcript but believe it was… Read More ›

Taking It to the Streets

I respect the “Occupy Whatever Street” movement folks, and salute their tenacity.  They have been keeping the general population’s anger with those who caused this current financial crisis and those who allow it to continue, near the top of the… Read More ›

Bring Back Ol’ Sparky

The State of Connecticut actually did it.  Carried out a death sentence.  I confess being shocked to see on the morning news that it had happened.  I fully expected some last minute reprieve to have popped up, to postpone it… Read More ›