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A Hobby: Fountain Pens

Since my high school years (a very long time ago), I’ve always liked writing with fountain pens.  In the last 10 to 15 years that interest grew more serious and I started purchasing pens off the web, upgrading a step up… Read More ›


Ooooweee!  Did I just find the site’s mascot while perusing my collection of art from decades of surfing the web?  A favorite by exceptional artist Steve Pilcher may do the trick.  Learn more about  Mr. Pilcher  and some of his work you most likely have… Read More ›

Woodstock 2014

Captured this shot completely by accident at a family friendly concert over the July 4th weekend. I was trying to get a crowd shot by holding my phone as high up over my head as I could, and the first one… Read More ›


Here I am needing a job in a couple of months and look what the hell the local elders are entertaining thoughts of allowing to open in town?  A freakin’ pot factory!!  If it happens I’ll be knock, knock, knocking… Read More ›