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SHORT STUFF: 03/02/21

Cache dump of ideas, recommendations, humor, observations, and whatever. 2021/03/02:  My blog will soon be retired, the domain name parked for future use.  I remember waiting for that domain name to be freed, checking it frequently, and it finally became available.  I will invest all my… Continue Reading “SHORT STUFF: 03/02/21”

Goodbye Apple Platform

Well, almost.  Within the last year or so I began to regret my getting caught up in the Apple platform.  I’ve been on Apple products since 2006, or possibly a little earlier.  As others may agree, once you’re hooked, over time it becomes harder and more expensive… Continue Reading “Goodbye Apple Platform”

Come on Boss, Wake up!

I like cats AND dogs but will admit that my fondness for dogs arrived much later in life.  During my youth I made no less than 3 visits to the hospital emergency room to get a shot after getting bit in the ass while trying… Continue Reading “Come on Boss, Wake up!”