Words on the privileged class

Follow the Leaders?

For a long time, my biggest problem with the Federal Government has been its inability to get any meaningful work done for the American people.  I attribute this problem to both major parties making their sole objective blocking all initiatives of… Read More ›


I’m proven wrong yet again.  Trump survived the Republican Convention.  And Hilary has a lock as well on the Democratic Convention, with Bernie’s support. I like to think that the majority of Trump voters are Trump voters only to end the status… Read More ›

Get Ready #2

The scenario I’d hoped for in my earlier post Get Ready, Hillarmungis versus Crime Boss Christie in the 2016 presidential race, recently received a hearty power punch up of insanity with the entry of ugly American Ted Cruz into the… Read More ›

Get Ready

Evidence in the news infers the national election engine of madness is about to kick it’s spewing of mud, lies, and general bullshit up a significant notch. Hillarmungis is making noise. Not yet clear who its opposition will be. I’m… Read More ›

Fool Me Once…

Connecticut ex-Governor Rowland has let me down hard.  I supported him through his first brush with the law years ago, which resulted in him doing jail time.  I did so because I then believed he didn’t do anything that bad that others… Read More ›

Reply to CEO Sam Zell

The site Asshole of the Day posted an article tracking comments from the 1% on income inequality, and part of billionaire Sam Zell’s diatribe stated that “the 1% work harder”.  As I am a recent escapee from the corporate environment, this claim… Read More ›