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  • On the Road #2: Schooled at the Corner Market

    Background for the On The Road series. My next stop was a grocery market, the name inferring Latino. I gathered my paperwork, locked the car and headed for the door. Outside of the market were three kids, two boys about… Read More ›

  • The Best Birthday Present Ever?

    This year brought one of those major life event birthdays – 65. I wasn’t getting depressed about it, but I was overthinking it. Getting my Medicare and all other medical insurance policies set up was a stressful nightmare leaving me… Read More ›

  • On the Road #1: Alarming the Fire House

    Background for the On The Road series. Back in late March, my first route stop was a firehouse on outskirts of the city. Started my day by setting off the intruder alarm with the opening of a door. Since the… Read More ›

  • Get Ready #2

    The scenario I’d hoped for in my earlier post Get Ready, Hillarmungis versus Crime Boss Christie in the 2016 presidential race, recently received a hearty power punch up of insanity with the entry of ugly American Ted Cruz into the… Read More ›

  • New gadget – Amazon Fire HD 6

    Here it was late February, and I still had a positive balance with the Christmas gift money I received these past holidays. The last $90 was burning a hole in my pocket. Note that when it comes to received gift… Read More ›

  • Chains!

    Ooooweee!  Did I just find the site’s mascot while perusing my collection of art from decades of surfing the web?  A favorite by exceptional artist Steve Pilcher may do the trick.  Learn more about  Mr. Pilcher  and some of his work you most likely have… Read More ›

  • Climate change gets personal

    I live in southern New England. For the past few weeks the nightly temperatures have been in the single digit range with some dips below zero, more often than not. The wind chill factor has brought it down to -25… Read More ›

  • Goodbye to the Camp Commander

    I lost a good friend and mentor yesterday, my Uncle Robert, who was part of my life since the mid 50’s. He tried to teach me, among other things, how to sail a boat, drive a standard shift, maintain a… Read More ›

  • CT Governor Rewards Cronies with Your Money

    Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy handed out raises of up to 12%, for a total of $1.4 million, to his appointees. Appointees. Also known as political back scratchers he granted state positions in return for past election support favors, or in… Read More ›

  • Prescience

    crowds saluting Germans at Schwarzach/St. Veith

    Photo by Hugo Jaeger, from Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images. Austrians cheer Adolf Hitler during his 1938 campaign (before the Anschluss) to unite Austria and Germany. I came across this picture on Twitter, in a tweet by Life Magazine (@LIFE)… Read More ›

  • Acadia National Park

    Trying to stay dry.

    This post and its gallery have been appropriately moved to

  • Stalled Evolution

    Basically, human beings are animals. Evolved, potentially intelligent, creative problem solvers, possessing free will – but animals. With that view comes acknowledgement of the predatory nature of humans, the deep-rooted intensity of which is the flaw betraying that supposed intelligence… Read More ›

  • Woodstock 2014

    Captured this shot completely by accident at a family friendly concert over the July 4th weekend. I was trying to get a crowd shot by holding my phone as high up over my head as I could, and the first one… Read More ›

  • My 2000 Mazda B2000 Pickup

    2000 Mazda B2000 Pickup

    I’ve owned or leased a lot of different vehicles over the last 40+ years and this 2000 Mazda B2000 pickup truck is in my top 5 favorites.  I now really wish I had bought it at the end of the 39… Read More ›

  • Get Ready

    Evidence in the news infers the national election engine of madness is about to kick it’s spewing of mud, lies, and general bullshit up a significant notch. Hillarmungis is making noise. Not yet clear who its opposition will be. I’m… Read More ›