New Theme ‘SELA’

There was nothing wrong with the theme I just replaced, I liked it, but I was just wanting a change.

This theme was a fairly clean and easy install.  It still needs some tweaking, but I like how it looks.  Back to simpler times, which I can see myself tiring of down the road.  It’s too much fun for an old, retired bit pusher to occasionally rip out the old and force in the new.

You may see changes as I get to know more about what options and features this theme has.

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Look forward.

My wife and best friend, Elaine, passed early in January of this year.  A knock-down blow.  I’m dealing with that, but my goal is to reach the point where seeing her picture, or an event shared popping into my head, will bring me a smile instead of sadness.  Not there yet, no rush, that’s just the goal.  I’m working on it.

But enough said.  I share this personal information because this brings about some changes in my life going forward, and I plan to write about it all here.  I felt providing an explanation for these plans and events was a good start, and will not be addressing my loss any further.

With the good advice of relatives and friends, none of the big changes I have in mind are for the near future.  But I can start some preparation soon that will serve me well whether or not the path I see now comes to fruition or not.

I plan to sell my condo which I own outright, and get into a much smaller place.  I had originally planned to put the condo on the market in spring or early summer of 2019, but now have put that off for possibly a year.  It needs some work (some windows, some paint, some flooring), and I need more time to get that done and search for my new home.  If I can pull it off financially, I’d like to be living in my new place before the condo is sold.  The additional monthly cost for that scenario would be the condo fee, the electric bill to keep the inside temperature adequate, insurance, and whatever service fees for the heating and air conditioning system arise.  I know, this seems risky, but it would make things a lot easier.

My new place will most likely be a rental, the cost of which will be covered for years using funds from the condo sale.  If this new place is not exactly what I’m looking for it may not be my permanent choice.

That’s the plan I’m working on.  There will be bumps and stone walls to be encountered for sure, and the plan will be altered, but goals mentioned remain the same.  Wish me luck.

Bourbon Gets Justified

A truly righteous birthday present from my Bourbon buddies, Aunt Bea and Uncle Michael.  And it came out of the box loaded up with Elijah Craig.  Thanks a bunch, you guys!

To those of you out there in need of a hero, and are unfamiliar with the life and times of Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder, you’ll find the complete FX series run of Justified on Amazon Prime Video, free for Prime members.  I had watched the original run after catching up by purchasing the DVDs, and then watching from season 3 on, in 2012.  I just finished binge watching the entire series again earlier this month.  Good old fashioned U.S. Marshal justice delivered up on the bad guys in present day Kentucky, with some comical characters mixed in with the mayhem.  Check the rating.