Stalled Evolution

Basically, human beings are animals.  Evolved, potentially intelligent, creative problem solvers, possessing free will – but animals.  With that view comes acknowledgement of the predatory nature of humans, the deep-rooted intensity of which is the flaw betraying that supposed intelligence and free will.  The level at which humans prey on their own, and the belief systems and value systems behind that behavior, demonstrates the collective resistance to evolving beyond this flaw.

My 2000 Mazda B2000 Pickup

I’ve owned or leased a lot of different vehicles over the last 40+ years and this 2000 Mazda B2000 pickup truck is in my top 5 favorites.  I now really wish I had bought it at the end of the 39 month lease, it was a fun ride.  It would still look as good as in the pic, which was taken just before I turned it in.

It was a “Gentleman’s Pickup”.  I did favors with it for relatives and friends but told them it doesn’t go to the dump, and doesn’t haul manure.  The reality was that even being only a 2 wheel drive, it was a gas guzzler, streets or highway.  Best I ever got was 15 mpg, in the summer, and winter gave me only 13 mpg.  So I had to let it go.

National Knife Control


The following paragraph is a composite of a tweet and an item in the Occasional Blips post on this blog. I made these after news surfaced of another school violent event in which 22 students were stabbed by a troubled individual. This post attempts to better explain my intent for the statement:

A troubled teen goes on a stabbing spree within a school, injuring 22 innocent people. Ok, so when do the cries for National Knife Control begin?  Shall I turn in my steak knives now?  Will restaurants soon be required to serve their steaks already cut into mouth size chunks?  Will the bedding in our homes be periodically searched by the police for shivs? If “No” to any of the above, why not?  Come on – let’s get those knees a’ jerkin’.

The post and tweet were primarily aimed with contempt at our photo op addicted, do-nothing government representatives who believe their transparent public whines, crocodile tears, and promises actually result in anything good for any of us.

I am a legally registered gun owner in favor of gun control – most of what is in place or proposed. There should be more background checking before gun purchases are completed. Full automatic weapons capable of handling greater than 15 rounds need more control as to who can own them. I personally don’t see the need for anyone to own them – if you’re that scared of our government then move somewhere else and take them with you. Gun control laws need to be enforced much more vigorously. Penalties for illegal gun sales and illegal ownership need to be much more drastic. Certain scenarios should make a registered gun owner responsible for any mayhem created by their weapon falling into the wrong hands (not stored securely, granting access to a 3rd party, as examples).

That said, we should all have learned by now that you cannot legislate morality or sanity. Have you ignored the failed attempts with prostitution, pornography, or recreational drug use? It’s cliche to say “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people“, but unfortunately, it’s true. The reported stabbing shows that. Ban personal ownership of guns and people will make their own or use knives, clubs, hammers, tire irons, whatever they feel will work if passion or mental instability raise their desire to kill other people.

Too strict gun laws will leave the law abiding at the mercy of those who ignore those laws.