Happy and excited crowds saluting Germans at Schwarzach/St. Veith during Hitler’s Austrian election campaign.

I came across this picture on Twitter, in a tweet by Life Magazine (@LIFE) on October 29 of this year. It pointed to a pictorial essay titled “Adolf Hitler: Color Photos of a Tyrant Among the Crowds”.

What struck me almost immediately in this 1938 photo was the look on the face of the girl in the lower right corner. I read it as “something is not right here”, mixed with fear and a sense of pending doom. Was she seeing what the others would later learn?

Stalled Evolution

Basically, human beings are animals. Evolved, potentially intelligent, creative problem solvers, possessing free will – but animals. With that view comes acknowledgement of the predatory nature of humans, the deep-rooted intensity of which is the flaw betraying that supposed intelligence and free will. The level at which humans prey on their own, and the belief systems and value systems behind that behavior, demonstrates the collective resistance to evolving beyond this flaw.