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Society’s norms and abnorms, human nature

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

One of the reasons I went to Baltimore this week was to see my son perform in a community theatre presentation of the horror / musical Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.  Henry has been active in Baltimore theatre for many years… Read More ›

Follow the Leaders?

For a long time, my biggest problem with the Federal Government has been its inability to get any meaningful work done for the American people.  I attribute this problem to both major parties making their sole objective blocking all initiatives of… Read More ›


I’m proven wrong yet again.  Trump survived the Republican Convention.  And Hilary has a lock as well on the Democratic Convention, with Bernie’s support. I like to think that the majority of Trump voters are Trump voters only to end the status… Read More ›


Photo by Hugo Jaeger, from Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images. Austrians cheer Adolf Hitler during his 1938 campaign (before the Anschluss) to unite Austria and Germany. I came across this picture on Twitter, in a tweet by Life Magazine (@LIFE)… Read More ›

Stalled Evolution

Basically, human beings are animals. Evolved, potentially intelligent, creative problem solvers, possessing free will – but animals. With that view comes acknowledgement of the predatory nature of humans, the deep-rooted intensity of which is the flaw betraying that supposed intelligence… Read More ›