Where am I? What year is this?

Is it 1776?  We are being overtaxed into stagnation by those who do not represent us, but by those who have made themselves our royalty, our aristocracy, our kings, our queens, our lords and ladies.

When the photo op presents itself, or one can be manufactured, our royalty paints itself as our caring benefactors and loyal representation in the country’s affairs.  But we are not represented, we are managed, spied upon, and stifled at their will.

Our royalty owns the media, each infighting camp controlling major outlets of news and rhetoric.  We are distracted or redirected with silly drivel or alarming “news” when seen fit.  Royalty knows we should not be trusted to know right from wrong, are incapable of rational decision making, and we can’t save ourselves from us.

Our royalty feeds itself from our pockets, but more so the corporate czars in a never ending cycle of scratching each others backs for wealth and power.  We are held financially chained in wages and prices by the these corporate barons, in return for those payments made into the coffers of those infighting camps of royalty.

This royalty, as in the centuries before us, owns the machine of its own succession.  We may look like a democracy (and badger our youth in their early years into believing it), but the lords and high ranking advisers ultimately chose who may enter the succession process.  Only those in their favor have a chance of getting on the ballot presented to us for the mock elections, a managed ballot all of their choosing.  The royalty’s ownership of the media and it’s marriage with the corporate czars play heavily here – “candidates” need millions of “dollars” for “advertising” to “run”.

And royalty plays to the religious to keep those minions amongst us in line.  By pontificating specific ancient morals and tales to keep us all in the past, our royalty attempts to squelch the evolving human spirit when it appears to making a run for it.  Evidence: the current attempts by factions of our royalty to suppress rights of women, dictate the definition of marriage, and alter the laws defining voting rights to feed their own favor.  Think “separation of church and state” and “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.

The author pleads guilty to ranting on problems as stated herein without, after much deep thought, being able to offer any credible resolution.

Mr. President, Members of the House and Senate:

Get a grip. Do what you were elected to do. As a Democrat, Liberal, Republican, Conservative – whatever label – we can only hope the reason you won your last election is that the constituents who voted you in bought into that label. So you are correct to lean into the agenda that comes with it.

Get real. We in the trenches of everyday life – whatever label – are forced to live with compromise. We all want everything to go our way but live with getting what we can and dealing with it. I believe most of us want the other worker bees to get some of theirs too – even if they want something we might not, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. The majority of us know we can’t have it all our way, and are willing to live and let live.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Grow up. For the last four years and more all of you have been playing hardball “My Way or the Highway” with each other, resulting in very little of what we needed and wanted being taken care of.

Compromise! Play nice with each other and get into “Give and Take” mode. We don’t expect you to get us everything we want. We don’t expect you to prevent those with different wants than us from getting something they want. Start working together, without the bullying rhetoric, without listening to just those who contribute the most to your next election, and get some meaningful, positive work done. Work that will get more people at least some of what they need and want, and keep all of us and our country moving forward.

Remember all of us. It’s not all about you.

Thank you.

An Encounter with Aristocracy

I was driving I84 out of Waterbury heading east when a black Audi TT Coupe filled my rear view mirror.  I couldn’t see it’s bumper which immediately slams it into the “riding up my ass” class.  I was doing 65 in a 55 mph zone.

When the number of lanes went from 2 to 4 as the road climbed up Cheshire mountain, I was doing a little over 70, a safe distance behind a string of cars doing the same.  The Audi was still filling the mirror.  We were all in the passing lane.  At first opportunity the brand new Audi broke across 2 lanes to the right and passed everybody at what had to be at least 85 to 90 mph, disappearing up over the hill.

But I had enough time to see the plate – CT State Legislature. I travel that route everyday to work and know a lot of people behave that way on the road.  I’ve admitted to exceeding the speed limit, but was doing traffic speed.  But this instance aggravated me more than the average road bully.

It was executed by a member of the aristocracy currently re-taxing my ass into oblivion.  All while doing his best to drive as much business out of state (or underground) as he can, and putting some people and keeping others out of work (both state and otherwise).  It advertised both his self-promotion over “the little people” and his arrogant ignorance of them as well.

Even if he is one opposing the governor’s plan to meltdown, he is one of privilege and will undoubtedly be unaffected by the actions of his class.  Driving that way with his expensive new car and his privileged plate, acting like he knew he was more important than anyone else on the road that day, was like rubbing my nose in it and it wasn’t smelling too good.

All with “in your face” bravado.  Besides, I don’t really think that plate only gets him parking privileges.  Do you?