CT Governor Rewards Cronies with Your Money

Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy handed out raises of up to 12%, for a total of $1.4 million, to his appointees.

Appointees. Also known as political back scratchers he granted state positions in return for past election support favors, or in lieu of champagne rounds at the next golf outing.

This guy writes up his generous Christmas gifting list for his pals and IOU holders, and we over-taxed state serfs get to pay the tab for his royal grandiosity. All while the state has a $100 million budget deficit.

Yet another example of our “elected” officials blatantly expressing their assumed aristocratic rights. Are we getting closer to them having the state coffers cough up enough cash to buy those crowns and tiaras they deserve to wear 24/7 as they rule over the undeserving?

Do I sound pissed? How many working class Connecticut folks got 12% raises in 2014? How many had their livelihood impacted by their employers cutting back or leaving the state due to the anti-business policies put in place by Malloy and his owned legislature?

I remain convinced that these arrogant bastards are for all purposes untouchable. They own the election engine outright using law they create, finances they control, and media they own to keep a grip on who can attempt to run for what. No threat to this control can successfully get into the election process, let alone win office. Only a miracle election that results in ALL controlling branches of the government simultaneously being in the hands of people of conscience, truly representing all the people, can ever have a chance of getting our government back.

But I’m just an angry man. Please find details and more telling information regarding this gifting incident in this excellent news article by Mark Pazniokas in the CT Mirror.

Here’s a published chart from the same article showing the 12% raises some appointed public servants received.

Fool Me Once…

Connecticut ex-Governor Rowland has let me down hard.  I supported him through his first brush with the law years ago, which resulted in him doing jail time.  I did so because I then believed he didn’t do anything that bad that others at his level were also getting away with, and because his take down was politically motivated.

I supported him post-incarceration as he slowly came back into prominence in the private sector, seemingly doing good things.  But this morning’s Waterbury Republican headline reads “ROWLAND INDICTED”, in very big letters, and the article reports 7 counts of breaking election laws in two separate elections since his release from prison.  Like the last time, dollars were involved.

Fool me onceā€¦

Reply to CEO Sam Zell

The site Asshole of the Day posted an article tracking comments from the 1% on income inequality, and part of billionaire Sam Zell’s diatribe stated that “the 1% work harder”.  As I am a recent escapee from the corporate environment, this claim angered me and I posted this reply to CEO Zell on Twitter.  It’s been slightly edited and enhanced here.

So, Sam Zell, the 1% work harder?  Harder than who?

Harder than the engineers, technicians, analysts, and other salaried grunts among the 99% who keep your zillion dollar corporations running with their 60 to 70 hour work weeks?

Is it that you work harder at collecting those 7 to 9 digit salaries, bonus payouts, stock options, golden parachutes, and other perks untold?

Or is it the hard work of axing grunts at will, knowing their team mates will pick up the workload left behind for fear of being next?

I could go on.  But for an arrogant, obnoxious ass like you?  Nah.  Wasted enough time already, your Lordship.

Learn more about the hard working Lord Zell, who made Bloomberg Business Week’s Worst Managers of 2008, at Wikipedia where some of his not so popular deeds and practices are listed.

Poster Boy for America’s Government Today

An elected government official, or his minions if you’re one favoring his claims of “no knowledge”, has abused his power.  In this case, by delivering punishment upon an entire city for it’s elected leader’s choice to not be supportive enough in a previous election.

Admittedly, I am one who will never believe Governor Christie was not directly responsible for the 4 days of traffic terrorism on Fort Lee which brought not only frustration, but disruption of public services and a possible death.

This abuse also carries the reeking smell of the abuser considering himself beyond the status of “elected” – no, he is now royalty, doing whatever he pleases as his given right, no matter the negative impact upon his subjects.

How much more evidence is needed before ALL realize Lord Christie is a bully and a thug, and should not be involved in governing anybody?  If Chris Christie EVER gets elected for ANYTHING again, America should be declared brain dead.  Get the “Do Not Resuscitate” papers ready just in case.