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2018.05.24  More observations on the Unknown Caller gripe.  Add another party to the money making annoyance machine: paying a subscription service to block these calls for you.  While they collect info on who’s calling you.  And, you have to help them flag the unknown bastards.  They now have your number, think they’re selling it?  And those of anyone who calls you?  What a racket.

2018.04.30  I came across a replacement for the Apple IOS Calendar app for the iPhone called Page Calendar.  It’s free.  The app uses the IOS calendar database, and calls the same calendar management routines the Apple version does.  I tried it out of curiosity, and really liked the presentation.  It just seems a lot simpler for my use.  Search for Page Calendar in the IOS App store and check it out.

2018.04.30  I get too many phone calls from the Unknown Caller jerks.  My number of daily hits from that crowd has escalated significantly.  I never answered them, but just let them ring out.  Then that finally became way too annoying so I now force decline the call immediately and ignore/delete any voice mail they may leave.  I suspect the owning TelCo could stop this – they bill these bastards so they know the number the call is really coming from and know the caller’s real name, because they’re billing them.  But they’re making money from them to be sure, so no chance in them giving up the revenue.

2018.02.20  Added a new art gallery titled Collected Works #01 to on this date.  It’s the initial entry in a series of posts containing selections by different artists, from my library.

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