Blips – Updated 02/20/2018 **

Cache dump of thoughts, ideas, and recommendations…

2018.02.20  Added a new art gallery titled Collected Works #01 to on this date.  It’s the initial entry in a series of posts containing selections by different artists, from my library.

2018.01.28  Slapped a new face on the Maddog Rag.  Just to start a new year off fresh and get my old, feeble brain back into to paying some attention to this site.  NOTE:  The next 30 days are a shakedown of how this theme works, so don’t be surprised to see slight changes or interruptions.  Not rushing to shell out the cost of another site for testing.

2018.01.28  The year 2017 sucked a hell of a lot more than 2016.  So I’m staying busy with a variety of ToDo’s and MustDo’s, avoiding too much downtime and making better use of that time I take.  Nuf sed.  A new adventure begins.


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