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—– 2018 —–

2018-09-19  The app Simplenote offers excellent note management.  It can be your quick hit place for storing and retrieving info you need on the fly but know you’ll throw away later, or an archive for all information you hold dear.  Notes can be tagged into categories to bring up only related notes, or you can search all your notes by any word or phrase.  Simplenote is supported on Windows 7,8 and 10, Apple iOS and macOS, Android, and Linux (deb/tar), and, keeps any and all of those devices sync’d across all your different platforms.  The Apple version is in the Apple app stores, and other versions are at

2018.07.15 I was spending way too much time, as usual, on deciding which new car I will buy in 2019. I really have nothing against my current ride, a 2013 Scion XB, as it’s been as trouble free and as much fun as my 2005 was. Then one recent morning I’m laying in bed running this new car decision and a voice in the back of my head says, “Your sister is still driving your old 2005 XB, asshole.” Which is true (on both counts). She’s had no major issues and still likes the car. So to keep from wasting more thought threads on a new car, I short circuited that brain activity by just starting to call the current XB a truck, which keeps the gray matter happy. No new car in 2019. Case closed.

2018.07.15  Five Churches Brewing is a new bistro and brewery in downtown New Britain, CT.  If you live in or are passing through the state, I highly recommend a you visit the place with friends and sample their wares to please your palate and have some fun.  Find them at Five Churches Brewing, ask them about the name.  They offer excellent brews and tasty dishes – enjoy!

2018.05.24  More observations on the Unknown Caller gripe.  Add another party to the money making annoyance machine: paying a subscription service to block these calls for you.  While they collect info on who’s calling you.  And, you have to help them flag the unknown bastards.  They now have your number, think they’re selling it?  And those of anyone who calls you?  What a racket.

2018.04.30  I came across a replacement for the Apple IOS Calendar app for the iPhone called Page Calendar.  It’s free.  The app uses the IOS calendar database, and calls the same calendar management routines the Apple version does.  I tried it out of curiosity, and really liked the presentation.  It just seems a lot simpler for my use.  Search for Page Calendar in the IOS App store and check it out.

2018.04.30  I get too many phone calls from the Unknown Caller jerks.  My number of daily hits from that crowd has escalated significantly.  I never answered them, but just let them ring out.  Then that finally became way too annoying so I now force decline the call immediately and ignore/delete any voice mail they may leave.  I suspect the owning TelCo could stop this – they bill these bastards so they know the number the call is really coming from and know the caller’s real name, because they’re billing them.  But they’re making money from them to be sure, so no chance in them giving up the revenue.

2018.02.20  Added a new art gallery titled Collected Works #01 to on this date.  It’s the initial entry in a series of posts containing selections by different artists, from my library.

2018.01.28  Slapped a new face on the Maddog Rag.  Just to start a new year off fresh and get my old, feeble brain back into to paying some attention to this site.  NOTE:  The next 30 days are a shakedown of how this theme works, so don’t be surprised to see slight changes or interruptions.  Not rushing to shell out the cost of another site for testing.

2018.01.28  The year 2017 sucked a hell of a lot more than 2016.  So I’m staying busy with a variety of ToDo’s and MustDo’s, avoiding too much downtime and making better use of that time I take.  Nuf sed.  A new adventure begins.

—– 2017 —–

2017.03.30  If you’re in the market for a Bluetooth keyboard for Windows, Android, or Apple (Mac, IOS) check out the Logitech K380.  For just $30 or less on Amazon, it’s a pretty handy thing to have around.  I got mine yesterday and so far have only used it on IOS.  That went well, and I find it to be a sturdy little device that feels like a real keyboard and is comfortable to use.  Here’s a review at CNet.

2017.03.30  The About page for this site has been updated.

2017.03.22  I was reviewing archives looking to clean things up when I found this post originally published on a much earlier version of MDR back in 2003.  It relates to one specific corporate merger of many that a few close friends and I survived, and for me was the most rage inducing.  The interviewee, Charles Grabasse, is a real person (renamed) and was at the top of my list of people that really needed to worry if my doctor ever gave me 6 months to live.  The story is basically accurate, to me.  So I tidied it up and posted it – Interview with a Korporate Kahn.

2017.03.08  Do you have an iPhone or iPod Touch?  Do you need to be reminded when unpaid bills are coming due?  I did.  That feature was missing from my home finance app on my Mac.  I recommend taking a look at Bills Manager in the App Store.  It’s simply a reminder app – when a statement or bill arrives, you enter the who, how much, and due date into the app, and it’s added to the “due” list.  And it will notify 7 days before it’s due.  The app setup is easy and it has other features you may like as well.  It’s a free download to try, but the full screen ads that pop were really annoying me, so after shaking it down I went for the $3.00 to get rid of ’em.  If you’re not in the app too often you may opt to keep it free.

2017.03.08  The extended lapse in posts was not due to laziness or lack of brain activity, but health issues within the family circle that left no available time.  We are now in a quiet stage allowing for some idle moments.  

—– 2016 —–

2016.12.07  Christmas 2016 is behind us.  The missus was illin’ a bit, so traveling out-of-area was pretty much curtailed.  But a good time was had by all, especially on the Eve at The Fezziwigs in East Haddam and Christmas day with close relatives in Danbury, and we can now look forward to Christmas in Baltimore in mid January if her recovery goes as planned.  Here’s me wishing all my readers (yes, all 3 of you) a safe and healthy 2017, as unpredictable as it now appears to be.

2016.12.07  The missus gave me a new pen for Christmas, one I had been drooling over for the past few weeks.  It’s a Lamy LX, a rework and enhancement of the Lamy Safari Al-Star, and it lives up to it’s brand.  A great fountain pen, with a fine point nib that writes easy and reliably.  Makes me a happy scribbler and doodler.  She also gave me the complete run (6 seasons) of the sitcom Mike & Molly on DVD, a show that makes me laugh longer and louder than I have in a long time.  It’s an adult comedy that has a great cast and great writers, and my relatives and friends are probably tired of hearing me recommend it all the time.  The most common response I get is “I’m not fond of Melissa McCarthy”, but I like her and the rest of the strong cast more than makes up for that complaint.  Watch a couple of episodes, quite a few channels are carrying the reruns, or check it out on IMDB.

2016.09.29  After watching the September 26th candidates debate, all I can say is: To those of you supporting Trump only to demonstrate your disgust for our current government, go for it.  However, if you really think this childish blowhard can have a positive influence on our lives, the government, or this planet, just stop with all the crack and meth you must be OD’ing on.  And before you jump into my shit, know that I abhor Hillarmungis just as much as you do.

2016.09.29  I’m in the process of getting a cat!  For most of my grammar school days we always had at least one cat in the home, and my sister and her husband have carried on that tradition.  Their cats have always been people friendly, for the most part memorable characters, and a lot of fun.  The adoption process required at the animal shelters is a bit much, but well intended, and I early in that process of proving I’m worthy.  And yes, I promise to keep the cat pics at a very low frequency.

2016.09.29  Congratulations to all internet users!  The monster providers and players in the world wide web, like MicroSoft, Google and others, have promoted us from mere users to valuable assets.  Windows 10 was free for a year (or more) in trade for gathering your every search, purchase, site visit, and more, right down to your blood type and shoe size.  And Google, already a master at that game, has been upping the ante as well in that same regard.  This has been noted by many already, and there are numerous players, but it can’t be overstated.  All that gathered info is dollar worthy to this class of giants.  It’s a rapidly changing landscape out there.

2016.06.28  File this under Wishful Thinking or Our Not So Secret Fantasies, but it’s a good read with some strong points on the subject:  How is Donald Trump Going to Quit by Ashley Feinberg.  And keep your fingers crossed a scenario rings true.

2016.06.28  RuCyrious Post Update: Posted a gallery of art by Rafael DeSoto to  Among other accomplishments, DeSoto was known for his cover art for Detective and Crime magazines in the 1940’s and 50’s.  You may find the collection interesting or ammusing.  A link to a short bio of his interesting life is provided.

2016.06.28  Girls! I have zero issue with a woman president.  Honestly.  But you (we) deserve better than Clinton.  And NO, Trump surely ain’t it.  What a fucking mess.

2016.05.29  IOS Apps: My feature requirements for ToDo apps changed after I retired, and now the Apple IOS Reminders app meets my needs.  If this app’s feature list works for you, I highly recommend you look at GoodTask 3 available in the App Store.  It sits on top of the Reminders app, but has better presentation, quicker ways to edit tasks, and shows Calendar events inline with tasks by date.  Other worthy features are available, and it’s a free download for giving it a try.  You can upgrade to the Pro version later – I think it’s worth the $5.

2016.05.29  As long as I’m talking IOS Apps, kudos to Apple for the feature updates to their Notes app added in IOS 9.  I paid them no attention at first as I wasn’t using the app, but after trying the new features I’m using the it daily now.  Adding pics to your notes, text B/I/U capability, and locking notes from viewing and unlocking with a finger print, are the new features to Notes I use most.

2016.04.17  PREDICTION: When Hillarmungis gets in the big white house, her first political appointee will be Donald Trump to Secretary of State (or United Nations rep?).  This is agreed upon in their contract for him to finish off the GOP (and Tea Party) for good, and get her the win.  But Trump may first need to publicly apologize to Hillarmungis for poking fun at that potty break.

2016.01.06  What will 2016 bring, besides a stronger dosage of more of the same?  Will the racial animosity on all sides evaporate into corrected wrongs and good will towards all men?  Will the major players in global power get together and tell the Middle East they have 90 days to clean up their own mess or their portion of earth’s land mass will be turned to glass?  Will all of mankind put their greed aside and start concentrating on bringing meaningful support and aid to the world’s needy?  Will our planet be saved?  Will my sister be able to keep her two cats from killing each other?  Who really knows….

—– 2015 —–

2015.08.17  As you may have heard, the Connecticut Supreme Court has abolished the death penalty for the state. This move saved the lives of 11 death row inhabitants, 2 of which were sentenced for a more than brutal home invasion where a mother and two daughters were molested, and killed – at least one of the daughters was burned alive. I cannot understand why these 2 monsters (or the rest of them) got this reprieve.

2015.08.17  I watched just over an hour of the Fox sponsored GOP wannabes debate on the evening of August 6, against my better judgement. I knew it would get me agitated but under estimated how much. The experience also left me fearful. We are very early in the process, but what scenario would you imagine developing if one of these thugs, morons, religious bigots, or women haters gets elected? I admit I didn’t seriously think the state of our government could get much worse. But now…

2015.05.16  I am aching for a new ride. Well, a used ride, but new to me. I won’t be able to make the move for a while. but I think I’ve decided it will be a Smart Car UPDATE: Never mind. Did more research and would probably be a mistake, as would the Fiat 500. My fetish for small cars almost did me in, glad my big boy brain kicked in and dug a little deeper. Both cars have bad reliability ratings and problems with ride, excessive noise, and other significant issues. UPDATE: A pleasant surprise! A car at the bottom of my list, only because I didn’t think I could afford it, is now mine – a well optioned Toyota Camry, 2012, bright red, 19K miles, in my price range. It’s giving me 34 mpg on the highway and, is a very quiet and pleasant ride.

—– 2014 —–

2014.12.31 If you believe some of our government officials and law makers have some crazy ideas, you really need to read this Russian lawmaker’s proposal.

2014.12.31  A geezer and his dog, with their toys.  Actually, the dog belongs to the geezer’s son and his wife in Baltimore, who deserve applause for the rescue of Cricket and the follow up with care and affection.  First dog I’ve ever bonded with, am always glad to see her.  Grumpy and Cricket

2014.12.31  I don’t know about you folks, but all the world news lately has me often thinking that all us earthlings should be quickly working on our bucket lists.

2014.12.31  Did you know that use of the word “thug” may now be racist?  Post game comments from an NFL player tried to make it so.  The Twitter world reacted strongly, most finding the added association to the word’s meaning ridiculous – even by some of those most vocally against racism.  See the player’s view.  Thug? Racist?

2014.12.31  Amusing site for jabs and barbs aimed at the most obnoxious, moronic, and/or ass backward news makers.  AOTD

—– 2013 —–

2013.12.31  Forget the news site this article is posted on.  Forget both political parties are involved.  Can you be OK with any candidate with machinery that controls the already dysfunctional media this blatantly?  Can you? Really?

2013.12.31  Sorry, but just making sure you stay pissed about this stuff.  Stay focused.  After the meltdown…

2013.12.31  Pretty sure I pointed you here a few years ago, but it’s still an interesting site to kill some time.  Shorpy’s

2013.12.31  I bought my mother-in-law a chair but they won’t let me plug it in. Still funny. Henny Youngman

2013.12.31  Cat staff may find this site humorous.  Be sure to start at Episode 1.  Louis vs Rick

2013.12.31  A very unique motorcycle.  Gives ya the gimmees.  Harley Davison Sportster Custom by Art of Racer

2013.12.31  Do you want to know why we will never meet aliens?  Well, do ya?

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