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Cache of previously published but still relevant posts (links work, etc).  Note with rare exceptions, only posts containing links to other sites are included.

—– 2020 —–

2020-06-10:  I’m OK with my iPhone but don’t usually take deep dives into all the available settings options available.  A post on ZDNet showed an Accessibility Option to be worthy of trying out. Check out the post You’ll wish you’d made this simple iPhone tweak years ago.

2020-05-16:  Thinking about adding or replacing hard drives on your computers?  Another helpful ZDNet article by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes article discussing the Backblaze Q1 2020 Annualized Hard Drive Failure Rates by selected brands.

2020-05-09:  There’s new post on ZDNet which did a nice job of helping me better understand the technology of the 5G Network and why it’s still going to happen.  Posted by Scott Fulton III, it’s titled Resetting the 5G goalposts: How the US declares victory.  There’s history and geopolitics included, and also does an excellent job describing the workings and benefits of the technology, bringing even a behind-the-times ex-tech like me up close to acceptable speed.

2020-02-13: You may be tired of these but here’s another ZDNet post I found interesting.  Take the NSA’s free Python Programming Course by Liam Tung. I may give it a shot.

2020-01-10: A new art gallery has been posted at, a third entry in the Collected Works series. Check it out.

2020-01-06: Attention all coder geeks! There is a must read post on ZDNet titled COBOL turns 60: Why it will outlive us all, by Steven J Vaughan-Nichols. Interesting.

—– 2019 —–

2019-12-04:  To all Apple product users, whether happy or not, you need to check out a post on ZDNet titled Why I may dump Apple in 2020, by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes.  An easy read excellently laying out all the valid reasons for such a move, which I totally agree with, but I just can’t see myself improving my digital life by jumping to the alternative platforms.  Although the financial considerations are very enticing.

2019-11-04:  There is a new gallery posted at featuring art by Josan Gonzalez.  The theme is The Future is Now and presents a vision of the artist’s view of where technology is taking us.

2019-09-14:  An interesting view about the planet Earth shifting gears is available on ZDNet, in a post by Greg Nichols.  Read the post We May Be Entering A New Geological Epoch.  Digitalization, forward?

2019-09-10:  My other site, <, self destructed due to it using a very old theme.  Without warning, the theme is no longer available or supported.  The site is now up and running with a new theme, and a new post.  Note that there still may be some issues, as the conversion required a rewrite and republish of all posts.

2019-09-06:  If you are entering into the Internet of Things (IoT) world, or you are already involved, you need to read Jason Perlow’s ZDNet post Google is a bald-faced IoT liar and it’s Nest pants are on fire.  Something evil may be headed your way, thanks to the major players in the IoT market.

2019-07-25:  Read the sensible proposal by Jason Perlow in the ZDNet post titled Why Apple and Microsoft belong together like. I wonder if Microsoft and Apple can play smarter together to bring about this limited partnership to benefit themselves, and us.

2019-07-16:  For a large library of interesting and creative works, check out the blog The Phoblography.

2019-06-14  I have posted on this automobile before, but if you love cars you won’t mind me repeating it.  Check out the 1930 Bentley ‘Blue Train’ at The Whole Car.  Beyond awesome.

2019-05-09  Hop on over to to view 2 new posts.  The Golden Age Stars #01 gallery contains 15 famous movie actors of the 1920’s through the 1960’s.  And Kids! has, well, kids!  From newborns to toddlers. Enjoy.

2019-04-18  Back in June of 2013 I posted a blip providing a link to a site that had a collection of one-liners by a favorite comedian, Henny Youngman.  I revisited it today and it’s had a lot of additions of his schtick.  And while you’re there, scan the list of other well known standup comics the site covers.

2019-03-19  Apple’s revamp of their retail setup has turned the Apple Store from a fun place to visit with friendly, helpful techs, into a not so fun place where the techs have been forcefully morphed into not so friendly or helpful sales driven reps.  The sole purpose of the ex-Techs is to get your money and get you out of the store.  They are not happy about the change and neither are the customers.  See ZDNet post by Chris Matyszczyk titled How Apple Stores Changed for the Worse.

2019-03-06  The web site offers healthy living information to better our lives.  The mantra is “Stress Less / Live Free”.  The main topics covered are Stress Relief, Relaxation, Better Sleep, Decluttering, Mental Fitness. Productivity Boost, and Healthy Living. I read a few posts on different topics listed above, and found each to provide good information and a positive view for a better and more active life.  Check out RelaxMaven.  To see the blog posts use the BLOG menu item at the very top of the page.

—– 2018 —–

2018-12-10  Migration from the iMac to the Mini is complete.  It was a tough expedition, not due to hardware issues, but due to not being that familiar with the new operating system it came with.  The changes in the new OS are heavily related to security and privacy and after initial boot up, I found myself being unable to create shares and only my home folder was visible.  But I got through it with the help of a friend, the Apple Community, and Google.  I can basically do all I need to do and the backup processes are intact.  And the performance of the new box made the struggle all worth it.

2018-11-20  Another posting of personal faves from my art folders is up at  Collected Works #02, like it’s predecessor, is a mishmash of different pieces from classical to comical.  Find a fave of your own within.

2018-11-16  Downfall of the white stuff started around 4:00 PM yesterday.  I got up this morning at 4:00 AM to see 6” of it, now getting heavier from a light rain.  The weather geeks report still freezing temps, but it looks to be warmer than that.  I used to hate snow while I was a commuting working stiff, but I don’t mind it now.  I can deal with it on my terms, not the job’s. And the exercise from shoveling is helpful.  I often clean a few neighbors walks and front decks, and sometimes also brush off their cars and make sure they can get out.  Of course how much of this helpful activity occurs is dependent upon the depth and weight of it all, and how cold and windy it is.  When I go out early, before 6:00 AM, it makes for a pleasant and peaceful start of day.

2018-10-25  A complete suite of Microsoft’s productivity and business applications, and other apps, now run on Android phones.  Get the details on ZDNet in the posting by Ed Bott titled Meet the new Microsoft Phone, powered by Android (No Windows required). And while you’re there, see how How Amazon and Microsoft will oust Google to become our next Android overlords. Interesting reads. The times they are changing indeed.

2018-09-19  The app Simplenote offers excellent note management.  It can be your quick hit place for storing and retrieving info you need on the fly but know you’ll throw away later, or an archive for all information you hold dear.  Notes can be tagged into categories to bring up only related notes, or you can search all your notes by any word or phrase.  Simplenote is supported on Windows 7,8 and 10, Apple iOS and macOS, Android, and Linux (deb/tar), and, keeps any and all of those devices sync’d across all your different platforms.  The Apple version is in the Apple app stores, and other versions are at

2018.07.15  Five Churches Brewing is a new bistro and brewery in downtown New Britain, CT.  If you live in or are passing through the state, I highly recommend a you visit the place with friends and sample their wares to please your palate and have some fun.  Find them at Five Churches Brewing, ask them about the name.  They offer excellent brews and tasty dishes – enjoy!

2018.04.30  I came across a replacement for the Apple IOS Calendar app for the iPhone called Page Calendar.  It’s free.  The app uses the IOS calendar database, and calls the same calendar management routines the Apple version does.  I tried it out of curiosity, and really liked the presentation.  It just seems a lot simpler for my use.  Search for Page Calendar in the IOS App store and check it out.

2018.01.28  The year 2017 sucked a hell of a lot more than 2016.  So I’m staying busy with a variety of ToDo’s and MustDo’s, avoiding too much downtime and making better use of that time I take.  Nuf sed.  A new adventure begins.

—– 2017 —–

2017.03.30  If you’re in the market for a Bluetooth keyboard for Windows, Android, or Apple (Mac, IOS) check out the Logitech K380.  For just $30 or less on Amazon, it’s a pretty handy thing to have around.  I got mine yesterday and so far have only used it on IOS.  That went well, and I find it to be a sturdy little device that feels like a real keyboard and is comfortable to use.  Here’s a review at CNet.

2017.03.08  The extended lapse in posts was not due to laziness or lack of brain activity, but health issues within the family circle that left no available time.  We are now in a quiet stage allowing for some idle moments.

—– 2016 —–

2016.12.07  Christmas 2016 is behind us.  The missus was illin’ a bit, so traveling out-of-area was pretty much curtailed.  But a good time was had by all, especially on the Eve at The Fezziwigs in East Haddam and Christmas day with close relatives in Danbury, and we can now look forward to Christmas in Baltimore in mid January if her recovery goes as planned.  Here’s me wishing all my readers (yes, all 3 of you) a safe and healthy 2017, as unpredictable as it now appears to be.

2016.05.29  IOS Apps: My feature requirements for ToDo apps changed after I retired, and now the Apple IOS Reminders app meets my needs.  If this app’s feature list works for you, I highly recommend you look at GoodTask 3 available in the App Store.  It sits on top of the Reminders app, but has better presentation, quicker ways to edit tasks, and shows Calendar events inline with tasks by date.  Other worthy features are available, and it’s a free download for giving it a try.  You can upgrade to the Pro version later – I think it’s worth the $5.

2016.05.29  As long as I’m talking IOS Apps, kudos to Apple for the feature updates to their Notes app added in IOS 9.  I paid them no attention at first as I wasn’t using the app, but after trying the new features I’m using the it daily now.  Adding pics to your notes, text B/I/U capability, and locking notes from viewing and unlocking with a finger print, are the new features to Notes I use most.

2016.01.06  What will 2016 bring, besides a stronger dosage of more of the same?  Will the racial animosity on all sides evaporate into corrected wrongs and good will towards all men?  Will the major players in global power get together and tell the Middle East they have 90 days to clean up their own mess or their portion of earth’s land mass will be turned to glass?  Will all of mankind put their greed aside and start concentrating on bringing meaningful support and aid to the world’s needy?  Will our planet be saved?  Will my sister be able to keep her two cats from killing each other?  Who really knows….

—– 2015 —–

2015.08.17  As you may have heard, the Connecticut Supreme Court has abolished the death penalty for the state.  This move saved the lives of 11 death row inhabitants, 2 of which were sentenced for a more than brutal home invasion where a mother and two daughters were molested, and killed – at least one of the daughters was burned alive.  I cannot understand why these 2 monsters (or the rest of them) got this reprieve.

2015.05.16  I am aching for a new ride.  Well, a used ride, but new to me.  I won’t be able to make the move for a while.  but I think I’ve decided it will be a Smart Car  UPDATE:  Never mind. Did more research and would probably be a mistake, as would the Fiat 500.  My fetish for small cars almost did me in, glad my big boy brain kicked in and dug a little deeper.  Both cars have bad reliability ratings and problems with ride, excessive noise, and other significant issues.  UPDATE: A pleasant surprise! A car at the bottom of my list, only because I didn’t think I could afford it, is now mine – a well optioned Toyota Camry, 2012, bright red, 19K miles, in my price range.  It’s giving me 34 mpg on the highway and, is a very quiet and pleasant ride.

—– 2014 —–

2014.12.31 If you believe some of our government officials and law makers have some crazy ideas, you really need to read this Russian lawmaker’s proposal.

2014.12.31  A geezer and his dog, with their toys.  Actually, the dog belongs to the geezer’s son and his wife in Baltimore, who deserve applause for the rescue of Cricket and the follow up with care and affection.  First dog I’ve ever bonded with, am always glad to see her.  Grumpy and Cricket

2014.09.16  Did you know that use of the word “thug” may now be racist?  Post game comments from an NFL player tried to make it so.  The Twitter world reacted strongly, most finding the added association to the word’s meaning ridiculous – even by some of those most vocally against racism.  See the player’s view.  Thug? Racist?

—– 2013 —–

2013.11.05  Forget the news site this article is posted on.  Forget both political parties are involved.  Can you be OK with any candidate with machinery that controls the already dysfunctional media this blatantly?  Can you? Really?

2013.06.22  Pretty sure I pointed you here a few years ago, but it’s still an interesting site to kill some time.  Shorpy’s

2013.06.03  I bought my mother-in-law a chair but they won’t let me plug it in. Still funny. Henny Youngman

2013.03.31  A very unique motorcycle.  Gives ya the gimmees.  Harley Davison Sportster Custom by Art of Racer

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