Slightly updated October 9, 2018

This a general purpose blog.  I have been trying to cut back the ranting on Aristocracy, the government, and Corporate America over the last couple of years, but the November 2016 national election dragged me back for quite a spell.  I am now back to avoiding those types of posts.

A few years ago I came to realize that my rage against government and corporate behaviors were indeed both justified and unavoidable.  And that my original pro-GOP stance had given way to an equal ration of hatred for both sides of the aisle, and a more liberal attitude towards my fellow humans.  Some conservative views remained intact, mostly related to justice.  This is still true.

The intent is to post more on photography, art, cars, adventures, hobbies, light-weight tech reviews and software recommendations, and whatever else I come across worth sharing.  The focus will be on balancing negative and positive content – balancing rant to rave.  Positive posts may most often be outside topics of government, the media, Corporate  America, and other properties of our culture that screw us on a daily basis, but will be positive.

Glad you stopped by, hope you come back.