Slightly updated May 12, 2020

This is now a general purpose blog.  When the Maddog Rag restarted, back in 2002, I was ranting on the Aristocracy, Government, and Corporate America for quite a few years.  I gradually began to move way from that type of post, but the November 2016 National Election dragged me back for quite a spell.

I came to realize that my rage against government and corporate behaviors were indeed justified, but that my original pro-GOP stance had given way to an equal ration of hatred for both sides of the aisle.

I had developed a more liberal attitude towards my fellow humans.  A few of my conservative views remained intact, mostly related to justice for all.  This is still true.

The intent is now firmly set in keeping this site friendly.  Posts and pages will focus on photography, art, cars, adventures, hobbies, light-weight tech reviews and software recommendations, and whatever else I come across worth sharing.  The intent will be to severely limit negative content and be concentrating on the positive.

Posts almost always will be outside topics of government, the media, Corporate America, aristocracy, and other demon entities of our culture that screw us on a daily basis.

That last sentence may be my last shot.  :)

Glad you stopped by, hope you come back.

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