SHORT STUFF: 03/02/21

Cache dump of ideas, recommendations, humor, observations, and whatever.

2021/03/02:  My blog will soon be retired, the domain name parked for future use.  I remember waiting for that domain name to be freed, checking it frequently, and it finally became available.  I will invest all my spare time into this blog trying to minimally add at least one post per week, hopefully more.

2021/03/02:  I recently purchased another car, a 2015 Subaru Forester.  And I am loving it.  It’s the first AWD car I’ve owned and it rides well on town roads and even better on the highway.  It’s feature rich and at night the dashboard looks a pinball machine, lit up in all its glory.  Whenever my father got a new vehicle, on the first day he would wait for total nighttime darkness and then go for a ride to see how the dashboard looked at night.  A trait I inherited.

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