Goodbye Apple Platform

Well, almost.  Within the last year or so I began to regret my getting caught up in the Apple platform.  I’ve been on Apple products since 2006, or possibly a little earlier.  As others may agree, once you’re hooked, over time it becomes harder and more expensive to get off or stay on.

    Current setup includes:
  • Somewhat beefed up Mac mini, 18 months old
  • iPhone XR, almost 2 yrs old
  • iPad (6th generation), about 3 years old or more
  • Apple Watch Model 3, about 9 months old
  • Apple iPod about 14 years old,  a relic, my first Apple purchase, a non used antique

As you can surely agree, I’m in too deep.  And once you become a multi-device user, and have them sharing data, it becomes very hard to back away.

I am seriously considering backing off this scenario.  My objective is to have the Mac Mini be the only Apple device left standing.  I like it.  I have a good file backup scenario in place in addition to Apple’s Time machine.

I’ll get an Android phone with good reviews, a flip if I can find a good one.  It will need email, multiple addresses would be nice but not required.  That would allow me keep some handy info on that phone.  And possibly a tablet later on to do web stuff, sitting comfortably on the sofa.

Here’s hoping I can make this more than a pipe dream.  And get it done quickly.

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