Daydreams of Utopia


Lately, the reason for my long time between posts is my fear of returning to old habits.  Repeat of my old ways of rant and rage, often comical in its presentation, and lacking in civility and all the facts.  But, here I go, forgive my blatant naivety…

I believe the human race is in its final stages of existence.  I doubt it will survive the century. The benefit here might be giving the planet and other species time to recover from the abuses of those placing governing power over the masses and greed above all else.

If any humans do survive, it needs to be those who live the good life.  Those who care about people and the Earth.  Those having no racial bias, greed, religion, or any of the other abusive and hateful activities to make themselves feel whole.  Those who do not need to own land, make laws, or set up borders.  Those who will use science and discipline to address and heal themselves, others, and the earth, from the abuses of their predecessors. 

Dream on, old man, dream on.  Way too many Star Trek’s and Twilight Zone’s for you. The reality is the scenario I dream of has no way of preventing some (or all?) of the the abusive and antagonistic players from surviving as well.  

It will all just start over again.

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