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POSTED: 08/10/20:
I just fully recovered from a power outage due to a hurricane visit, and, a subsequent cable service outage which meant no internet access.  The electricity disappeared on August 4th, at about 2:00pm, and was not restored until August 7th around 11:00pm.  The power restore revealed the cable service issue, which was repaired today at 2:30pm.  Cable guys had to wait for the power guys to do their thing, before they could get access access to their lines.   Understandable.  And I’m happy it’s all working again.   Unfortunately there are many people still waiting for their power to return.

POSTED: 07/28/20:
A post on ZDNet by Chris Matyszczyk for Technically Incorrect titled Microsoft told employees to work from home  One consequence was brutal, may open your eyes to unconsidered negative facets of working from home.  And not only if you’re working for Microsoft.

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