Short Stuff: 05/23/20

Cache dump of off the cuff brief thoughts, ideas, recommendations, and observations from Grumpy.

2020-05-23:  Even though the state government(s) allowed some businesses to reopen, with strict rules to be followed, I will remain in full quarantine mode.  As much as I miss seeing family and friends it still all seems all too risky to me.  I’ll continue to support restaurants providing takeout, and as many other businesses as I can.  But for the most part, a hermit I will be.

2020-05-23:  WordPress advised (warned?) earlier this week that a new version of the Post and Page editor designed for the block method (as opposed to ‘classic’) would be the default editor starting June 1.  They have been pushing the block method for over a year but also advised that the new editor still would provide for the classic approach.  

2020-05-16:  I spent some time this morning reading news articles on the privatization of the United States Postal Service.  One stated that the USPS was recently forced by the Federal Government to preload a retirement account to cover the next 75 years.  Are private sector large delivery businesses regulated to do the same?  I’m going to take a slightly deeper dive into this, but for right now I’m leaning towards thinking USPS Privatization is not a good idea.  Make changes, start new policies, but keep it as the U.S. Constitution intended.

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