Apple Watch Model 3

I was growing a bit frustrated with my FitBit activity tracking device since the company’s new owner and charter added more subscription services, which in turn brought more ads and promotions to the FitBit. This often occurred multiple times per day.

My interest in the Apple Watch was renewed and I began researching the health analytics it could provide, both native and in free or low cost watch apps. It appears to do a deeper dive into activity stats than the FitBit. These stats are accessed from or loaded into the apple Health App database.

I then saw that Apple dropped the price on the Apple Watch model 3 to $200, which is the one I was considering. The newer Apple Watch 5 is out of my budget range. So I bought the Model 3, smaller of the 2 screen sizes offered, as that size matched the screen I was using on the FitBit with no readability issues. I did not add the cellular option, having no desire to emulate Dick Tracy and talk to my wrist, or pay for another cellular connection. Besides, as long as you are within Bluetooth range of your phone, you can answer calls and converse.

I’ve had the watch now for a little over a month and am fairly impressed. The data on exercise activity is impressive. Right now I’m leaving options active that prompt you to get up off your ass if you’ve been sitting too long, or do a minute of slow deep breaths to clear your head.

I definitely need to learn more about the device and check out watch apps that fill a few holes in the stats. For example, the watch itself does not track sleep as the FitBit did, but there are inexpensive Apple watch apps that do. It took me awhile to home in on the one that worked the best, because it allowed you to fine tune more parameters related to how you sleep. This tuning took a few days, but the results are near as accurate as with the FitBit, but I’m not done tuning yet.

I will probably create a Chapter 2 version of this post later as I find other things the watch can do that I would be interested in. My only complaint so far is battery life, which may be my fault as I have yet to shut down services it’s running that I don’t use, and stop notifications I don’t want. This will be a tedious exercise.

I still have a lot to learn about all the things it can do, that would be useful to me. Even with as little I’m using it for now, I’m happy I made the jump off FitBit.

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