Apps I Use Daily (Updated)

These are some of the Apple IOS apps that help keep an old man organized, on time, and secured.  I basically run my life off my iPhone, and these three apps help.  I have other apps I use daily and will follow up with some of them in future posts, in case they may be of interest to you.

GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer by Good.iWare Inc
GoodReader 5 was released earlier this year and has a more robust interface, more security options, and other new features which make it well worth the wait. Every computing platform has its “must have, does it all app”, and for IOS, it’s this one. It houses files of all types in a standard folder and file structure, and I can transfer or download any of them to and from my desktops and laptops. I set up a sync arrangement within the app I can run to keep a folder on my iMac identical to a folder in GoodReader. It is a powerful PDF annotator and updater. I use an in-app security option to have all content in the app encrypted at the hardware level (requiring a password, finger print, of facial recognition to get into the app), and selected folders protected by a different password as well. See the app in the App Store and at for a full list of its capabilities. It’s well worth the $14 one time price.

GoodTask Task Manager by haha interactive
This app manages my ToDo list in a very workable layout. The free version has all the usual functionality of a basic todo app (date and time settings, alerts, repeats, priority, etc) with a maximum of 99 tasks with their settings displayed in a customizable format and sort order. It provides a helpful widget with useful features, and GoodTask can manage multiple lists of tasks. Syncing with other iOS devices and a MacOS version (free) is automatic using the cloud. An Android interface and a web interface is also available. The Pro version ($10 annual subscription) adds an unlimited number of tasks and the option to have calendar events displayed and edited in the tasks list. Keep me honest and check this app out in the App Store or the for all the details. Feature for feature, I think it’s among the best in class.

mSecure Password Manager by mSeven Software
mSecure was my first full feature password manager for years before I moved to a newer product I used for only 1 year after it deleted a feature I could not run without. This brought me back to mSecure, now an updated and even more feature rich application. Call me naive but the one feature I demand from apps of this ilk is keeping the password database off of the web. With this app I am able to keep the DB local on my network only, encrypted and secured. The app automatically updates shared devices when they start the app if that is needed. All the standard features are available in this app and the interface for adding and maintaining password data is superb. mSecure is supported on Apple iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, WatchOS, Windows 10, and Android, The app has a 30 day free trial to get acquainted, leading to a single $30 purchase price (no subscription). To avoid confusion be sure to use the same account to install the free version to make the move to the purchase version as painless as possible. I strongly advise visiting Features for more information.