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Cache dump of very brief thoughts, ideas, and recommendations.

2019-12-04: To all Apple product users, whether happy or not, you need to check out a post on ZDNet titled Why I may dump Apple in 2020, by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes. An easy read excellently laying out all the valid reasons for such a move, which I totally agree with, but I just can’t see myself improving my digital life by jumping to the alternative platforms. Although the financial considerations are very enticing.

2019-12-04: It was indeed a glorious Thanksgiving holiday that lasted four days. I ate like a maniac, breaking as many doctor advisories as possible. The bourbon and Jameson flowed all too often, making for merry times. Paid the price recovering on the fifth day, as I will again, next year.

2019-11-04: There is a new gallery posted at featuring art by Josan Gonzalez. The theme is The Future is Now and presents a vision of the artist’s view of where technology is taking us.

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