Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

One of the reasons I went to Baltimore this week was to see my son perform in a community theatre presentation of the horror / musical Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. Henry has been active in Baltimore theatre for many years since moving to the city in 2008 and works with two community theatre groups, The Glyndon Area Players, and Third Wall Productions.

I’ve missed only one Baltimore show Henry was in, and every one I have seen was a very professional presentation, covering all the bases well.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is a Third Wall production and Henry will be working with the Glyndon Area Players in some capacity later this summer on Hello Dolly.

Henry’s performance of both the good Dr. Jekyll and the not-so-good Mr. Hyde was magnificent.  His songs were strong and clear, and his stage presence equally so.  Rather than continue with the proud papa schtick, I offer these links to reviews of the show found in the Baltimore media:

Jekyll & Hyde at Third Wall Productions
This is a lengthy, rave review and Mr. Cyr is at the end.  So scroll down if you must.

Theatre Review: ‘Jekyll and Hyde – The Musical’ at Third Wall Productions
Not quite as strong a rave, but still professes the boy’s skills.

That’s my boy.

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