Follow the Leaders?

Follow the Leaders

For a long time, my biggest problem with the Federal Government has been its inability to get any meaningful work done for the American people.  I attribute this problem to both major parties making their sole objective blocking all initiatives of the other party from ever getting off the ground.  Each leaves no room for the option of sitting around a table and working out a compromise.

The “My Way or the Highway” approach does not lend itself to constructive work being accomplished.  The reason this legislative practice became the all-encompassing objective for both parties is to position themselves for the next elections, which translates to senators and representatives keeping their seats, perks, money, and their place in the Aristocracy.  For them, these selfish concerns out-weigh what we all learned in grammar school was the real job description of their office: Serving the People.  It could not be more evident that they serve themselves, not us.

Looking at the current political environment at street level, I am saddened (and somewhat fearful) to see that We the People have seemingly accepted using the “My Way or the Highway” policy towards each other.  We’re now alt-right Trump supporters or left wing Clinton liberals – no middle ground, or room for discussion.  Street protests and rallies in favor of one side or the other are met with rowdy, sometimes violent opposition from the other side, often requiring police to be called into the fray.

We have become them.

I can offer no solution.  Those elected by generations of voters have created their machine, and are keeping themselves in ownership of the government, and also our lives.  You’ve heard me say before, I hate both sides of the aisle equally.  For me, the two presidential candidates left standing after the last party national conventions are shameful examples of what has come to be.  It would have made no difference who won, we’d still be in the same hateful state we are now.

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