Thoughts on the Trump Presidency

I did not vote for Donald Trump, but he is now the President-elect of the United States of America.  This was 51% of my worse case scenario for the voting outcome, the remaining 49% was ending up with Hillarmungus as the victor.  A “no win situation” for America was all I could see in this election.  Both the leading political parties need to feel shame for not delivering more acceptable candidates to the voters.

I suspect Donald Trump is experiencing surprise and anxiety as he comes to realize what it means to be President of the United States of America.  My hope is he will abandon most of the promises and proposals he arrogantly made during his campaign, but like all, I have to wait to see.  I also want to believe he will stay surrounded and reined in by the more earth bound and responsible Republican leaders, as conservative as they may be.

We were exposed all too often to Trump’s misogynistic tirades and overall failure to recognize women’s rights.  We’ve seen videos of people marching in the streets against the election results.  We’ve read reports of an immediate increase in racial, ethnic, gender, and life style bashing and actual attacks.

As to the bashing and attacks, given my feelings on the ratings driven media, we don’t know how many of these attacks actually happened as some false instances have already been reported.  No matter how many reports are genuine, President-to-be Trump needs to do more than a short exclamation of “Stop it”.  He needs to accept responsibility for this behavior by his welcoming of campaign support from the KKK leadership, and his own racial and ethnic slurs made publicly during his campaign.

Whether or not some of his disturbing proposed and actual appointments to his team add to the likelihood his promises will be acted upon is unknown, again related to the influence of Republican leadership in the houses.

All this hope and anxiety over what will happen under the Trump Presidency will last years for all of us.  If he doesn’t deliver on enough of the promises he made to his followers regarding changes he would make, the more hard core part of that bloc will also strongly take to the streets.  So regardless of what his Presidency proposes, attempts, or passes, we’re looking at a stressful four years ahead.  Voters split down the middle in this election, and the issues and fundamental beliefs contributing to this split are strong enough to make it all turn pretty ugly.  Like Viet Nam War ugly.  And like the 60’s Civil Rights Marches ugly.