I’m proven wrong yet again.  Trump survived the Republican Convention.  And Hilary has a lock as well on the Democratic Convention, with Bernie’s support.

I like to think that the majority of Trump voters are Trump voters only to end the status quo of our congressional leaders running their sides of the aisle with a “My way or the highway” attitude – no compromise.  Nothing for the people comes of their sessions unless there’s a photo op or a campaign contribution to be had with the issue at hand.

My view is similar for the Hillarmungis candidacy.  The majority of her voters are only her voters because they’re so justifiably panicked by the thought of a Trump presidency, while acknowledging the “no compromise” congress will remain unchanged.  I fall into this 50% and believe me, with my history of hatred for this political figure over the years, my vote for her will forever stain my soul.

Welcome to the pinnacle of Defensive Voting in Democracy.  The final stage and total commitment to the lesser of two evils being the determining factor in leadership selection.

How about none of us in the 50% groups vote at all?  Will it really make a difference anyway?

Too risky.

Hmmm.  President Trump may offer some comic relief.