Have the Elite screwed the pooch?

This post is aimed squarely at the wealthy and arrogant self-proclaimed aristocracy, in government or not, that is running the United States of America.  Your bargained wealth and political power has successfully locked up enough principles of democracy to where one of your rights is the sole privilege of deciding who can run for office, and who cannot.

Well, you messed up this time around.  This is evident in the slate of those left in the current race for President, as of this post date.

  • Sanders?  He may be the most sincere and well meaning of the lot, but your stranglehold on the legislature would make him powerless should he actually win office.
  • Cruz?  Really?
  • Clinton?  Her history from the beginning of her political career carries severe trust issues, and her “friend of the common folk” shtick is downright laughable.  If elected she will play her same script, investing more time lining her pockets and kissing Wall Street’s ass than being truthful and keeping promises.
  • And Trump?  Not your choice I’m sure, but you’re to blame for what he’s accomplished thus far.  His supporters are the Americans you have ignored the most.  They hate you more than you can imagine, not any more than I do, for your lack of concern for the working class and your childish refusal to compromise with each other to get any real work done in governing.  They are supporting this bigot and total ass solely to prevent any candidate you present from sustaining the status quo.  I can’t argue with that reason, but also can’t support Trump any more then I could support Adolph Hitler or Bozo the Clown.

To the Republicans among you aligning with the “Conservative Christians”, you are hopefully learning that sleeping with those that put their religious beliefs above proven science and established laws is not helpful to your goals.  Yes, they should be free to practice their faith as they see fit.  No, their beliefs and strict definition of morality should not be declared law over all Americans.  Conservative Christians will never be satisfied until missing church on Sunday is a mid-to-serious felony and our Constitution and Bill of Rights are rewritten to line up with their strict interpretation of the bible.  And like Barry Goldwater warned us and has been viciously evident, they do not compromise.

Be aware that the Christians you are ignoring have faith, are believers, and have families.  They participate in the rites regularly but are more selective as to which condemnations they accept as moral law.  Some of these families, and families they care about, have sons and daughters that your Conservative Christians are targeting to have unpleasant lives.  Your Christians may stop short of branding the foreheads of these sons and daughters with big red S’s for “Sinner”, but their intentions are all too clear – nonacceptance, banishment, segregation, criminal status.

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