Background: On the Road series

On the Road

I’ll be rolling out a thread of posts relating days spent working as a bag man for an organization which will remain nameless, as will the places and people I visit. It’s all legal, but identities and locations are best left unspecified in the interests of privacy and keeping this job.

In a day’s route I can hit up to twenty different businesses across the state, ranging from 18th floor lawyers’ offices to neighborhood markets, government offices and banks to manufacturing plants and warehouses. I meet lot of new people and some will remain in my memory for both good reasons and bad. Overall, it’s been a very pleasant eye opening adventure, at times forcing me to adjust my thinking on how things are, and the human species in general.

I realize the “On the Road” theme is not original, but due to my previously reclusive nature, some places I’ve been and people I’ve met since I started this gig have had impacts on me I consider worth sharing. So come on along for the ride.

UPDATE: I managed only three posts on this planned thread so far. I left the job sooner than expected – it was my call as it was beginning to stress me out. Those of you who know me are not surprised. The amount of road construction and repair going on in the state this past summer reached critical max on my brain.

I’m leaving the three posts out there as I enjoyed putting them together, and they are two of most memorable stops I had. There were a couple more deserving report, and maybe I’ll get to them later in the year. They’re still in draft, I just couldn’t get the point I was trying to make across clearly enough. Like this updated post, all related the posts are tagged On The Road.

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