Climate change gets personal

I live in southern New England. For the past few weeks the nightly temperatures have been in the single digit range with some dips below zero, more often than not. The wind chill factor has brought it down to -25 degrees on occasion. Current predictions have nightly temperatures staying in this range well into the end of this month.

These temperatures are apparently the new norm for this time of year where I live. The last five years or so hinted this change was coming, but these omens were of shorter durations and intensity, growing only slightly year to year. Previously, we experienced this “winter chill” for no more than 3 to 4 days in late January or early February, if at all, and the cold rarely got near zero.

I am fearful of my next electric bill, last month’s was outrageous. The battle to keep the kitchen water lines from freezing, a threat that has only come to reality once before in the more than 20 years living in this home, is also wearing me out.

I’ve spent money addressing this plumbing issue already, but am now determined to resolve the problem this spring and summer so’s not be face-to-face with it again next winter. Trending has me believing temperatures will probably be a little lower for a longer time then. The fix will be ugly. I see the wall and floor in my kitchen torn up. Addressing the insulation could be enough or some electrical wrapping to keep the pipes warm may be required.

So please forgive this whine. I’m sure I’m not the only one with new issues due to this change in climate, and others have much more significant impacts. Those without a home come to mind. And to those of you still not recognizing these trends as a climate change, regardless of the cause, you may wish to revisit that denial opinion.

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