Reply to CEO Sam Zell

The site Asshole of the Day posted an article tracking comments from the 1% on income inequality, and part of billionaire Sam Zell’s diatribe stated that “the 1% work harder”.  As I am a recent escapee from the corporate environment, this claim angered me and I posted this reply to CEO Zell on Twitter.  It’s been slightly edited and enhanced here.

So, Sam Zell, the 1% work harder?  Harder than who?

Harder than the engineers, technicians, analysts, and other salaried grunts among the 99% who keep your zillion dollar corporations running with their 60 to 70 hour work weeks?

Is it that you work harder at collecting those 7 to 9 digit salaries, bonus payouts, stock options, golden parachutes, and other perks untold?

Or is it the hard work of axing grunts at will, knowing their team mates will pick up the workload left behind for fear of being next?

I could go on.  But for an arrogant, obnoxious ass like you?  Nah.  Wasted enough time already, your Lordship.

Learn more about the hard working Lord Zell, who made Bloomberg Business Week’s Worst Managers of 2008, at Wikipedia where some of his not so popular deeds and practices are listed.