Taking It to the Streets

I respect the “Occupy Whatever Street” movement folks, and salute their tenacity.  They have been keeping the general population’s anger with those who caused this current financial crisis and those who allow it to continue, near the top of the media’s hot list for quite a while.  Well, they did lose traction the day Kim Kardashian announced her divorce intention, but hey – as crises go, the media found that hard to beat.

My feeling is that it is all for nothing.  The target of our anger, the “Wall Street” mobsters (as good a name as any) will not change because they don’t have to.  They control the machine that feeds them and keeps us where they want us, and our government has shown no meaningful intent to alter that scenario.  And no, the pompous speeches and glorious photo ops with scowling faces and threats, nor the toothless legislation count at all.

To me, the core reason this movement took off and is breathing so long is rage.  Not a rage based solely on the wide gap in the numbers of “haves” and “have nots”.  A deep, burning rage ignited by the ultimate exposure to date of what a bullshit driven system we flounder in.  The most in your face example ever that justice is for some of us, not all of us.

We have been in this mess since 2008.  Everyone knows, and your government has acknowledged, the mess was brought to an irrecoverable stage by the unethical and criminal acts of a large number of investment insiders.  These greedy bastards knew what was going on with property mortgages and other credit issues, and exploited it for their personal gain.  They also knew they would get away with it.

A few of the high ranking and most obvious crooks were paraded in and out of court, and some were put behind bars.  But the large number of quiet thieves who rode the pre-crash wave, bleeding every dime they could out of it into their own pockets, still have that money.  They were never exposed or called to task – never made to pay for their blatant  abuse of the system they created, and never made to return the money they stole.  The mob who caused this financial breakdown remain untouched, living the good life with the riches resulting from their criminal activity.

What’s the fix?  “Wall Street” will not relinquish control of their magic money machine.  Your government leaders (please note I did not say “representatives”) will not call them on that for fear of losing the financial support for their singular purpose in life: getting reelected enough times to comfortably retire in luxury.  Add that these “leaders” will also not give up control of their machine – the one that decides who is allowed to successfully run for any office of consequence.  Pretty bleak, huh?