Bring Back Ol’ Sparky

The State of Connecticut actually did it. Carried out a death sentence. I confess being shocked to see on the morning news that it had happened. I fully expected a last minute reprieve to pop up, to postpone it yet again.

I will not mention the name of the executed criminal – he received all too much air time in his final weeks.

It was a field day for all who believed the state wrong to carry out the sentence, delivered by our justice system and a jury of his peers. Maybe not his “peers”, I’m confident most of the twelve jurists were not murdering rapists.

Please don’t preach for mercy, without considering the nature of the crime. For the most heinous crimes committed against society, membership in the human race is cancelled. Murder for profit and crimes against children are examples of reasonable reasons to put a criminal to death.

If you believe executing an individual who who murdered your children or shot up a shopping mall should not be allowed, then consider the possibility that the deity you pray to will welcome this broken creature to the promised land and fix their broken state.

(Originally published, the MadDog Rag, May 14, 2005. This rewrite was intended to tone down the rhetoric used in the earlier rendition. Still works for me.)

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