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Coming posts: The “On the Road” Series

Entries are in draft for what is intended to be a thread of posts relating days spent in my car working as a bag man for an organization which will remain nameless, as will the places and people I visit. It’s all legal, but identities are best left unstated and unspecified in the interests of privacy and keeping this job.

In a day’s route I can hit up to twenty-five different businesses across the state, ranging from 18th floor lawyers’ offices to neighborhood markets, government offices and banks to manufacturing plants and warehouses. I meet a lot of people I haven’t met before and some will remain in my memory for both good reasons and bad. Overall, it’s been a pleasant eye opening adventure, forcing me to adjust my thinking on how things are, and the human species in general.

I realize the “On the Road” theme is not original, but some places, encounters, and people I’ve met since I started this gig have had impacts on me I consider worth sharing. So come on along for the ride.

Occasional Blips

Cache dump of thoughts, ideas, and recommendations…

⇒ I am aching for a new ride. Well, a used ride, but new to me. I won’t be able to make the move for a while. but I think I’ve decided it will be a Smart Car UPDATE: Never mind. Did more research and would probably be a mistake, as would the Fiat 500. My fetish for small cars almost did me in, glad my big boy brain kicked in and dug a little deeper. Both cars have bad reliability ratings and problems with ride, excessive noise, and other significant issues.

BLIPS ARCHIVES: 2015, 2014, 2013


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